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Dr. Ajita M. Robinson

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Business Development

​​I teach mental health entrepreneurs to utilize their skills to build their legacy while serving their communities.

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Private Practice Building Resources

The Private Practice Academy

A monthly membership program. We support clinicians in launching and building thriving, sustainable businesses.

Profitable Partners Challenge

This program is created to help mental health clinicians leverage their clinical skills beyond direct practice and secure diverse income streams.

Retreat Waitlist

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The retreats are invite only. We screen all retreat members and never post the registration link publicly. Past retreats: Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, Montego Bay, Jamaica, Bethesda, Maryland, Los Angeles, California; and Cabo Lucas, Mexico.


scale beyond direct practice

CoinCations for Global Leaders Retreat

Dr. Robinson offers CoinCations or business building retreats with a wellness focus. CoinCations for Global Leaders focuses on helping mental health entrepreneurs launch and scale businesses beyond direct practice. Dr Robinson is known for offering international retreats and delivering world-class corporate style trainings in a retreat setting. Retreat members have an opportunity to unplug from the day-to-day demands, gain proven skills and strategies to increase their Global Impact while building community, engaging in radical self-care and leaning fully into using their gifts to build a legacy of healing and generational wealth.

business building and wellness

Private Practice Retreat

The Private Practice Retreats are business building retreats with a wellness focus. This retreat is for mental health providers who are looking to launch a private practice and engage in self care on the journey. Participants are invited to a private retreat location for 4 days of business building and wellness. We have launched solo and group practices through the Private Practice Retreats.
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Sustainable Income & Global Impact

Global Leaders Program

For mental health entrepreneurs who are ready to take their business to the next level beyond direct practice: scale your impact and your income with the Global Leaders program. You’re running a successful business but find yourself feeling maxed out on direct practice, or whatever your current setting is, but you’re feeling confused or unsure of what to do next. Lead by Dr. Ajita Robinson and a team of Global Leader Ambassadors, this 6-month business building program helps mental health entrepreneurs identify how to leverage their knowledge, skills and abilities beyond direct practice. Through small workshops and hands-on-training, we help you create a path of sustainable income and global impact. This is invite only.

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partnership building

Profitable Partners Challenge

an exclusive invite only 60-day program designed to help mental health entrepreneurs identify, secure and scale profitable business-to-business partnerships including contracts, licensing agreements, speaking engagements, and more.




Dr. Ajita Robinson is a professional transformational  speaker and corporate trainer with over 15 years of professional and on-stage experience. Her speeches are engaging, entertaining, informative, and well rated by attendees and hosts.

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