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Dr. Ajita M. Robinson

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Dr. Ajita Robinson Bestselling book

The Gift of Grief: A Practical guide on grief and loss​

By Dr. Ajita M. Robinson

Although grief is a universal experience our grieving process is unique to each of us. We encounter a variety of losses that often leave us feeling unanchored and uncertain on how to move forward. This guide is intended to help guide you through understanding what grief is, the different types of losses that might trigger the grief response, how to talk to kids about grief and loss (related to death, dying and divorce), how social media influences our grief and most importantly, tips on how to recover and create meaning and purpose after loss. 

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"Finding the gift in grief can lead to renewal and restoration after a loss." - Dr. Ajita Robinson


I. What is Grief?

This chapter provides an overview of grief, including myths and commonly misused terms. The chapter also provides an glimpse into how grief is a universal but individual experience.

II. Types of Losses

This chapter provides an overview the different types of losses that might trigger a grief response.

III. Factors that complicate Grief

An overview of the physical, psychological, spiritual, psychological and other factors can impact the grief process and how to recognize grief.

IV. Types of Grief

There are a variety of ways that grief might manifest and thus we might develop different types of grief. A description of the types of grief and how to recognize them is presented.

V. Children and Grief

Children are often missed as grievers or believed to exhibit grief similarly to adults. This chapter discusses how grief in children is unique and how to recognize and support grieving children.

VI. Divorce and Grief​

Divorce is a special type of loss that impacts both adults and children. There are special considerations that result because of divorce and separation. This chapter provides an overview of how divorce and separation trigger a grief response.

VII. Grief and the Holidays

Holidays, anniversaries and other special occasions can retrigger grief. This chapter explores how these factors impact the grief process and tips on how to navigate these circumstances.

VIII. Social Media and Grief

Social media can promote or hinder the grieving process. This chapter provides an overview of the implications of social media on the grief process and tips to effectively utilize social media during the grief journey.

IX. Practical Tips to Navigate Grief

Tips are provided throughout the book however, this section provides an overview of coping strategies as well as resources. There are special considerations added related to mourning during a pandemic (e.g. COVID).

X. The Cost of Making It: The Intersection of Success and Survival

Many of us who are starting at "ground zero" are in survival mode on the path to success. There is a cost associated with success and understanding it can help us understand how to pivot from surviving to thriving. This discussion will highlight the unique and unshared challenges that first-generation trauma survivors, first-generation poverty disruptors often encounter on their journey “of making it”.

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