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Dr. Ajita M. Robinson


Who is Dr. Ajita Robinson

The Short version

I am a grief and trauma expert, former full-time professor and corporate executive who built a 7-figure pro-insurance mental health practice to help people heal from generational trauma and loss. I took my experience from building a thriving, profitable practice and my previous business experience and began to help other mental health entrepreneurs create global impact through living legacies and financial freedom while helping communities heal.
I am a mother of two amazing children and have a 19 year old fur baby. I am a poverty disruptor and trauma survivor. I am a servant leader.

Here's the whole story

By the time I was 9 my ACE score was an 8 out of 10. I had a parent in prison and the other decided not to show up.

My grandparents were my foundation.
I’d been told what I couldn’t do all my life…because of how life started for me.
I would be poor, I wouldn’t graduate high school, you know the “path”.
Statistically speaking I would end up on drugs, welfare and with multiple kids.
But, God. Sent amazing people every step of my journey who exposed me to everything from college, travel, and most importantly, therapy. A roadmap to something different. Something more.

So, I went to college and got a degree in psychology (passion) and a degree in business (security) and leveraged a career in corporate to establish financial stability while I worked with kids whose parents were incarcerated
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It’s not a coincidence that I became a grief and trauma therapist. I became who I needed.

Although I’d heard what I couldn’t do all my life, when I heard it in my doctoral program, I was shocked. I thought I had done enough to not be mistaken for “who I used to be.”
Once again, I was told I couldn’t open a business and replace my income from my corporate job because therapists “don’t do this for money= don’t expect to make money”.
I was told I couldn’t open a business that would support myself and my daughter.
Unlike before, I didn’t have any guides that looked like me, that were doing the thing I wanted to prove I could do. So, I started my practice anyway, and used  my background in business to make it successful…cause I already knew being poor was no longer an option.

I scaled that practice to 7 figures but I made a lot of mistakes and spent a LOT of money figuring out what works and what doesn’t.

Whether I’m speaking on a stage, training a team of clinicians, working as a corporate consultant, talking to parents, teachers or community members, leading a retreat, or helping clinicians launch and scale their businesses…I serve people who are committed to helping and healing others, who desire a guide on their journey. 
I serve as a Grief & Trauma therapist, Author, Educator, and Income Strategist…but first and foremost, I serve as a companion, as a witness to those seeking healing, wholeness, and legacy living.
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My educational background

I am a licensed clinical professional counselor, board approved supervisor and national certified counselor with extensive training in grief and trauma. I have a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration and a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology. I completed a  Masters of Arts-Research in Counseling & Human Development from Saint Louis University. I initially moved to D.C. to finish a degree in Law but ultimately decided to pursue a Doctorate in Counselor Education at the George Washington University. While obtaining the Ph.D., I completed a post-Masters certification in Grief and Loss, and a fellowship in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities at Children’s National Medical Center.

In addition to my role as a therapist, and multi-passionate entrepreneur I also serve in several roles within the counseling profession.

I am the Past President of the Maryland Counseling Association and am a faculty member in the School Counseling department and the University of Southern California.

The book

The Gift of Grief: A Practical guide on grief and loss

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