Dr. Ajita M. Robinson holds many titles including Therapist, Educator, Speaker, and Author. She is known as The Experts’ Therapist. While her accomplishments are expansive she finds it most empowering to talk about WHY she serves. She specializes in grief, loss and trauma…because it found her. She is a grief specialist because she has experienced a variety of life transitions… she is a Wounded Healer.

Dr. Robinson was called to do grief work with clients, and to support clinicians (new and seasoned) in serving through their own losses. She empowers individuals, clinicians, families and communities through her clinical practice, speaking engagements, consultations and her published works.

Dr. Robinson believes that we are the expert in our lives. She believes we are capable of healing despite the pain we’ve endured; this process requires that we RELEASE our selves from the burdens of our past, RESTORE our bodies, mind and souls and gain a RENEWED sense of purpose in our life.

Dr. Robinson’s goal is to be PROOF that despite life’s challenges you can be your best self.

Educational Background:

Dr. Ajita Robinson's academic background highlights her commitment to excellence. She has a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration and a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology. She went on to complete a  Masters of Arts-Research in Counseling & Human Development from Saint Louis University. Dr. Robinson initially moved to D.C. to finish a degree in Law but ultimately decided to pursue a Doctorate in Counselor Education at the George Washington University. While obtaining her Ph.D., she completed a post-Masters certification in Grief and Loss, and a fellowship in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities at Children’s National Medical Center. In addition to the being an entrepreneur she is also an Assistant Professor of Counselor Education at Argosy University-Northern Virginia 

My Story

I started my first business, Friends in Transition Counseling Services, to provide mental health services to those impacted by grief, loss and trauma. I ran from doing grief work for a really long time. I am a first-generation college kid. What do I know about running a business? I knew a lot about grief and trauma. I have first hand experience. I was very comfortable being in a classroom, talking about grief, but completely uncomfortable sitting with a kid who was experiencing things that sounded a lot like my childhood. So, I turned to my research degree to help soothe the discomfort, and still make an impact.

I researched the best practices around working with children, families and communities impacted unimaginable loss. I became a voice for those who felt dis-empowered. I published numerous articles, co-authored book chapters, and traveled the country speaking about what I had found.

All of things these kept me from having to tell MY story as a wounder-healer...until I experienced the loss of my beloved grandfather. It was at that moment that I had no choice but to lean into my gifts and GIVE a little more. Heal fully by walking and serving through my Grief.

While I still am in direct practice, I have shifted my focus to supporting other entrepreneurs in building a practice that honors their authentic selves. I serve by speaking to clinicians, parents, educators and communities about a business building, mental health and healing.

Dr. Robinson Speaks

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