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Dr. Ajita M. Robinson

Building Legacies

While Healing Generations

I help mental health entrepreneurs create profitable sustainable businesses, have global impact AND serve their communities. I am the Experts’ Therapist.

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I'm Dr. Ajita M. Robinson, a Therapist. an Educator. a Speaker. an Author.

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​​I teach mental health entrepreneurs to utilize their skills to build their legacy while serving their communities.



1:1 Consultation

Do you want to launch or scale your practice? Do you want to generate passive income and you’re not sure how to get started?
Wherever you are on your business building journey, you need a strategy for sustainable, profitable impact.
Schedule a 1:1 consultation and leave with clarity, strategy and tools to execute…the COIN is in the EXECUTION.

Build your legacy

Business Development

Can my private practice be successful? I’m tapped out on direct practice. What’s next?! How do I generate passive income? Is that a real thing. There are the types of questions I receive from therapists on a regular basis. The short answer is: Yes. The sky is the limit. Yes, its real. Respectively.
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Dr. Ajita Robinson is a professional transformational  speaker and corporate trainer with over 15 years of professional and on-stage experience. Her speeches are engaging, entertaining, informative, and well rated by attendees and hosts.

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The book

The Gift of Grief: A Practical guide on grief and loss

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