Dr. Robinson offers 1:1 clinical consultations and business coaching consultations. Dr. Robinson clinical consultation areas are grief, loss and trauma and ethical issues in clinical supervision.

Business coaching services are offered to solo and group practice owners.

Private Practice Retreats

Coin Collectors Retreat- May 2-5, 2019--Montego Bay, Jamaica
The Coin Collectors Retreat is for mental health providers and healers who are interested in monetizing their knowledge WITHOUT doing more clinical work. 

This retreat is for those who are COMMITTED to expanding their income, freedom and their territory. 

We will spend 4 days in Montego Bay learning how to scale your business by leveraging your expertise by securing non-clinical endeavors and partnerships. 

This Retreat is invite only Click the link to get on the list. 

Registration will open to the public in one week!


Dr. Robinson and her team offer are variety of workshops to the community, parents, educators and clinicians.


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Showing Up!

Dr. Robinson embodies excellence in mental health and education. She is a servant leader, involved member in the community and a born giver. She believes that we all have gifts that are unique to us, and we thrive when we lean fully into those gifts, we find purpose and fulfillment. At her core, she believes that all people have the capacity to overcome adversity. She is living proof that you can start at ground ZERO and chart a path of excellence that is uniquely yours.

Dr. Robinson has traveled the country providing workshops, training and consultations to a variety of audiences including mental health professionals, families, educators, communities impacted by crisis, students and many more. Dr. Robinson is affectionately called “The Experts’ Therapist.”

Dr. Robinson has received various awards in honor of her service to the community and the professional. In 2016 Dr. Robinson was named as an Emerging Leader in the field of Counselors, Educators and Supervisors. In 2013, Dr. Robinson become an inaugural fellow of the National Board of Certified Counselors Minority Fellowship Program because of her commitment to serving urban African American youth.

Dr. Robinson serves as a leader on the regional and national level. She is the Past-President of the Maryland Association of Counselors, Educators and Supervisors and served on the National Board of Certified Counselors Minority Fellowship Advisory Council 

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